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How to Get Volume Into Your Hairstyle

Author: BecomeGorgeous

It is time to forget about dull and flat hair and start enjoying some glamorous voluminous styles that will flatter everyone. Learn how to get the perfect volume in your hair, how to style it and how to treat your hair after each shaping.

Get Textured Hairstyle

One of the most simple ways to achieve volume is to get texture. Get curls or simply waves into your hair and it will look much more fuller than it is. You can use hot rollers, curling iron or even flat iron. Apply volumizing mousse on your hair and curl it in large strands, or go for the smaller ones if you go for the curly looks. Separate the curls by crossing your fingers through your hair a couple of times.

Tease Your Hair

Teasing your hair is also efficient, and it even takes less time than rolling up your strands. The bad news is, that teasing damages your hair even worse than rollers. Yet, it is a quick and easy way to achieve instant volume with any hair length. Don't tease your hair while still wet and never forget to detangle it. Separate your hair into strands, and start back combing your hair from the lower part to the top. Than you can easily style it in any shape.

Treat Your Hair

Getting volume into your hair means teasing or curling it. Both of them damage quite bad the hair follicle, so don't forget to treat your traces after each styling. Of course, avoiding styling products or tools, and even teasing, might be the best solution to keep your hair's health, but sometimes it's understandable in the name of beauty.

Cleanse well, removing all the styling product left overs and avoid brushing while wet and blow drying. Condition well and apply hair treatments. Try some homemade hair masks, and leave-in conditioners that can nourish your hair as best as possible.

Also, pay attention on your diet, by providing all the necessary vitamins that your body needs to be healthy and gorgeous.

In case you're not a fan of sleek hairstyles, volume will be your solution. But keep in mind that you need healthy hair for any of the hairstyles you want to make. So try to maintain your hair's health as best as possible, in order to sport your favorite look for a longer time. Eat healthy, avoid brushing while wet, blow drying and styling products and tools if possible. If you keep on loosing volume, try a different cut, get some layers into your hair and problem solved. Wear your hair exactly the way you like it.

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