What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?
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What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?

By Alistair Summers

There have always been stereotypes associated with hair colour. The most obvious of course being that blondes have more fun but aren't smart enough to realize it. Aside from that the most common consensus is that blondes are sexy, redheads are hot headed and brunettes are good girls. I'm sure most of us can dispel these stereotypes with a few examples of girls we know. I happen to know a few brunettes who certainly don't fit the bill.

The fact is your hair is your crowning glory and if it really stands out it can certainly make a big first impression. But what sort of impression?


Redheads are said to be fiery, feisty, opinionated and hot-tempered. This doesn't sound like the most positive spin but when contrasted with the other aspects such as exciting and seductive you begin to get the real idea of how redheads are seen. Natural Redheads are actually quite rare making up less than 5% of the population. As a result to pull of red hair (be it natural or dyed) you have to have some real confidence.


Brunettes have always been stereotyped as the good girls. Although not always the good girls everyone thinks, varying shades of brown can give brunettes a very elegant and sophisticated look. It is important that if you are dying your hair brown, that you don't simply go for the one colour tone. Brown hair in particular can look boring in one shade. It's best to apply a variety of shades (the more the better) to simulate a natural look. Quirky haircuts can really buck the trend of boring brunettes while still looking sexy.


Black hair gives the impression of an exotic and mysterious woman. However black hair can be one of the hardest to pull off if it's not natural. The fact of the matter is that black hair really puts focus on your complexion. If you don't have very good skin black hair might show this up. Furthermore black hair can go dull very easily and needs good maintenance. A good conditioner like Aussie Conditioner is essential. Nicky Clarke hair products can finish off the whole effect. The effect of black hair however can be made more pronounced by mixing it with contrasting colour highlights such as red.


Blondes are the sex bombs who just want to have fun. However it's not all fun and games for blondes, as blonde hair colouring can be the hardest to maintain. If you do decide to go blonde you will probably end up getting a lot more attention, but it is key to find the right shade. Platinum blonde is really hard to maintain and isn't for everyone, whereas subtler blondes can work for anyone.

Sam Qam used to be a part time stylist and recommended Aussie conditioner and Nicky Clarke hair products to many of his clients.

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